Lack of Progress Update

This is the point where I have no choice but to stop thinking of or referring to this writing thing as a half-a-NaNoWriMo or anything like that.

The fact is, in the last week I’ve written about 1000 words. I am nowhere near target. And I never planned to stop when I hit 25,000, anyway. So, this is an ongoing thing with nothing at all to do with NaNoWriMo. I need to think of it that way. And get back to writing it.


3 thoughts on “Lack of Progress Update

  1. You have 1000 more words in the last week then me. It only took 19 days for me to get my first words started. I’ll be lucky to get even close to 25K words. Worst time to get writers block!

    1. I find the hardest part is the decision to open the document and start writing. Once I manage that, it’s not so hard to tease out a few hundred words or so. And once I’m going it’s surprising how far I can get in numbers…

      Just need to keep myself from opening up games or the internet…

      1. That is my weakness in a nutshell. I finally got to where i cannot do any first drafts on a computer. I either write it out, or if I’m in the mood to punish myself, I’ll bust out the typewriter. Anything with an internet connection and I’ll get zero writing done.

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