Reading Statistics, 2013 Edition

I’ll keep this fairly brief. Usually I’ll go through my unread books pile for these statistics, but for now I’m going to just analyse the books I did read in 2013.

As listed elsewhere, in 2013 I read 45 books, by 36 different authors. Here’s some info breakdowns:


Of the 36 authors represented, I read works by 23 male writers, and 13 female writers – about 64% male. Compared to past years, this is an improvement – but it’s still not parity. Efforts will continue. I’ve been buying more female than male, but currently only about 1/3rd of my to-read pile is by female writers.


Overwhelmingly American, as usual, with British writers in second place.

Year of Publication

In the past this has tended to cluster around 2005-2008, when I was buying so many books that it took years to catch up. So let’s see what this year’s reading looked like:

A big spike around 2006-2007 shows that I’m still catching up on older purchases, but I’ve also been reading a lot of books from 2012 and 2013, which is a change. It’s good to be reading these books while they’re still pretty new!


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