Edinburgh – Day One

As anyone who looks at my Twitter feed cannot avoid knowing, right now I’m in Edinburgh for a few days, mostly for comedy at the Fringe Festival. (I’d post my usual view from the hotel window, but I’m about three rooms down from where I was last year, so just go find that.) Anyway, I thought I’d post about what I’ve been up to here.

My train up from Newcastle wasn’t until after midday,  so I actually started out by going to Newcastle Gamers, where there was a full day session going on. I didn’t have a lot of time there, but got in on a few rounds of Two Rooms and a Boom with a large group, which was pretty good fun, then finished with judt a few quick games after. Then it was off to Edinburgh!

After getting tickets and walking around a bit to work out where some things are, I started out with a free show, “My Mother Made Me Do It”, a two person show with Sahar Mirhadi and Dan O’Gorman. That one was pretty fun, though I thought Sahar’s set was a bit better than Dan’s. That was followed by Dane Baptiste’s solo show, which was pretty good, and then Holly Walsh, whose show “Never Had It” I’m sure will be a contender for the best thing I see all weekend – highly recommended.

Finally, after grabbing a quick slice of terrible pizza, there was my one and only Edinburgh Book Fest event, with Lauren Beukes and C A Davids. That was very good, a lot of interesting discussion about their books and South Africa. Turned out there was a signing afterwards, but all my Beukes books are at home, and I was a little too nervous/self-conscious to get Davids’ novel and line up for a signature. (Argh.)

Anyway, it’s been a good first day. I have a lot more lined up tomorrow,  although annoyingly none of it is before 12 o’clock. Very few free shows in the AM, and I’m not willing to get more full price tickets than I already have. I’m not very good at finding things to occupy my time when it’s not already planned out, so not sure what I’ll do with myself all morning. The Royal Mile won’t even be going yet, so can’t even go for a wander by all the street performers there. Oh well.

I’ll be writing up another of these tomorrow, so you’ll see if I find anything.


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