Edinburgh – Day Two

If there was one word to describe today, it would be: wet. It hasn’t stopped raining since breakfast. But that hasn’t stopped me getting out and to shows.

The morning was very slow. I still hadn’t managed to book anything before 12pm, the Royal Mile entertainment doesn’t get going until then, and I didn’t run into anything that looked interesting.  So my morning was walking around in the rain, and I wound up going over to the Edinburgh Book Festival and buying a signed copy of the book I was too shy and stupid to get signed in person the night before.

The first show I went to was at 12:50 – “Beowulf: The Blockbuster”. It’s a one man theatre piece about a man trying to tell his son he is going to die, and doing so by telling the story of Beowulf. Might sound bleak, but it’s actually a fairly funny show. Very physical performance from Bryan Burroughs. I wasn’t sure about it in the early parts, to be honest, but once it got into the father telling the story it was very good.

After Beowulf I had a gap in my schedule. I had one free show pencilled in, but I got leafletted when I headed up to the Royal Mile, and wound up going to a different show, Gary Colman’s “Chunt”. He was pretty good, but seemed very scattered. He wouldn’t win a round of Just a Minute (no hesitation, repetition, or digression!).

The rest of the day was paid shows. Rachel Parris is someone whose free show I saw last year – this time it was a paid show, in a much smaller and darker venue. She does musical comedy, and this year’s show is also character comedy. To be honest I didn’t think it was as good as last year, but last year her show was one of the best I saw, so it’s still very good. Angela Barnes was after that, and she did a very funny show, highly enjoyed it.

I’d left a big gap in the evening so I could go get a proper meal, but me being who I am, I decided to get KFC instead. Then I had to carry takeaway box and drink back to my hotel room in the rain, and inevitably, when I had to open my room door, the drink I had balanced on top of the box went over and disappeared into the carpet. Some of it is currently in my socks, after walking over it a few hours later, before writing this.

Anyway, after that disaster it was back to the comedy. Carl Donnelly’s show was hilarious, and got the biggest laughs out of me so far. And then there was Adam Riches. His show started 15 minutes late, so I was glad I didn’t have anywhere else to be. I was even more glad of it when someone else in the room attempted to leave early to catch his next show. You see, Adam Riches’ show is heavy on audience participation. That poor guy got pulled onto the stage, and wound up the focus of the entire next sketch. I think he was probably pretty late for “Titty Bar Ha Ha” (yes, that’s the name of the show he was leaving for).

Riches’ show was completely ridiculous. I was unlucky enough to be in the front row, but lucky enough to only get roped in to one small part, and not get pulled up in front of everyone. Apparently they were filming the show, so maybe I’ll turn up on his next DVD somewhere. If you’re going in to see Adam Riches, and you get put in the front row, don’t be surprised if you wind up being put through something ridiculous.

Aaaand that was it for the second day here. Tomorrow is a lot less planned out, so it’ll either be a lot of free shows, or a lot more walking aimlessly around town. I’ll come back to tell you which (spoiler: about half and half is my guess).


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