Edinburgh – Day Three

I wound up actually doing less today than planned, rather than finding things to fill in my time. It was still not a bad day.

I woke up early and wound up out of the hotel at 9am. Turns out absolutely nothing is happening at 9am, not even people handing out fliers. So I did a lot of pretty aimless walking around Edinburgh. I’d spotted one half-price show on the Fringe app that I decided I’d see if I found nothing else to fill my morning, but at 10am the Half-Price Hut, the only place you can get the half-price tickets, was out of commission from some technical fault. Long story short, I was on my feet walking around from 9am to 1pm.

My first show today was Tamar Broadbent’s free show. It’s musical comedy and really very good, I enjoyed it a lot. After that came a paid show, Ria Lina’s “School of Riason”, standup about education and homeschooling, which was pretty funny.

My day today was full of annoying gaps that I couldn’t fit anything else into, so I wound up back in my hotel room for most of the next hour, then went off to see Ahir Shah’s free show. I think Shah was the youngest performer I saw this weekend. His show is (and I’m bad at summing these things up, so) fast-talking, intelligent commentary on modern life and society, and his own experiences, with a bit of (seemingly) genuine emotion and anger in there. I highly recommend it.

I had originally pencilled in another show immediately after that one, but I knew it would be tough to get between the venues in time. When I left Shah’s show later than expected, I’d enjoyed it so much I didn’t mind at all that it was now impossible to make it to the next one. I found myself apathetic to the idea of hopping into the next show at the same venue, so instead I decided to spend a couple of hours resting and getting something to eat.

There was only one show left that I had a ticket for after that. My final Fringe show this year was the very funny James Acaster. Lots of clever jokes that are built through the whole set. It’s worth checking out.

Now, I am done. I’ve had a great time, but I’m tired, sore, and I might just have the first symptoms of a cold (which is horrible, awful timing with Worldcon coming up), so I am going to climb into bed, and in the morning I will be catching a train home, where I’ll immediately start preparing for Loncon3. Tomorrow I will probably also write a quick post summing up all these shows I saw here at the Edinburgh Fringe and which were my favourites.

Until then, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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