Edinburgh – In Summary

Welp, I’m home now, and I’ve had a day and a half relaxing and also getting ready for my next trip, down to London for LonCon3 (my train leaves in 12 hours!). I wanted to put up a brief post of what I saw in Edinburgh, and which were my favourites.

Here’s everything I saw:

– Sahar Mirhadi & Dan O’Gorman, “My Mother Made Me Do It”
– Dane Baptiste, “Citizen Dane”
– Holly Walsh, “Never Had It”
– Lauren Beukes & C A Davids (Edinburgh Book Festival event)

– Beowulf: The Blockbuster
– Gary Colman, “Chunt”
– Rachel Parris, “Live in Vegas”
– Angela Barnes, “You Can’t Take It With You”
– Carl Donnelly, “Now That’s What I Carl Donnelly Vol. 6”
– Adam Riches, “Adam of the Riches”

– Tamar Broadbent, “All By My Selfie”
– Ria Lina, “School of Riason”
– Ahir Shah, “Texture”
– James Acaster, “Recognise”

Honestly, I enjoyed all of it. There were a couple of weaker comedy shows, but none were bad. It’s hard to compare the book festival event to all the comedy, so I’ll just say it was interesting and I wound up buying C A Davids’ book because of it.

If I’m picking out favourites for the comedy, Holly Walsh, Angela Barnes, Carl Donnelly, Tamar Broadbent, Ahir Shah, and James Acaster were all great and highly recommended. Adam Riches is somewhere up there, but it’s hard to compare his hour embarrassing and humiliating members of his audience in his ridiculous sketches with the more ordinary standup I saw.

It seems to be hard to actually go wrong with comedy in the Edinburgh Fringe. You might get a free show that’s a little weak, but I find they’re all at least entertaining. And you can’t really prejudge anything you’re going to see, because even among relatively unknown comedians doing free shows you can find something really great.

I had a really great time this year, and I’ll almost certainly be back again next August (fingers crossed for my employment status).


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