Listening to Podcasts

I’ve started listening to some podcasts lately, which is something I haven’t really done before, other than Night Vale. It started with the Hugos – I listened to a bunch of Writing Excuses episodes when deciding the Related Work category, and decided to keep up with that one. Since then I’ve added’s Rocket Talk, and I’ve thrown in a few single episodes of others as and when I see them linked.

They’re interesting, and I’m enjoying them, but I’m running into a problem: I have no idea what to do while I’m listening to a podcast. I’ve been playing a lot of computer Solitaire while I listen, because I can easily do that while still paying full attention to the audio, but Solitaire gets mind numbing and boring as hell when a podcast is an hour or more.

So I need to work out what to do while I’m listening. I can’t just sit and listen and do nothing, and I can’t do anything like read or write at the same time.

If anyone reading this likes to listen to podcasts or audio fiction at home (rather than while travelling): What do you do with yourself while you’re listening?


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