Read in 2015 – Comics

On the other hand, I did read a lot of comics this year. More than are listed below – I got Marvel Unlimited, and there are several series I dipped into but gave up on after a few issues. I’ve split this list into two parts, first the comics I read in trades and issues from larger series, then the much shorter list of standalone titles.

So many really good titles in this list that I’m going to just highlight them rather than list favourites separately.

Batgirl (New 52) vols 4-5
X-Men vol 1
House of M
All-New X-Men vol 1
Thor: God of Thunder vols 1-4
Black Widow vol 2
Superior Foes of Spider-Man vol 3
Runaways Complete Collection vols 2-3
Trees vol 1
Ten Grand vol 2
Secret Six vols 1-3
Sex Criminals vol 2
Ms. Marvel vol 2-4
She-Hulk vol 2
Lumberjanes vols 1-2

Wonder Woman (New 52) vols 5-6
Lazarus vol 3
Captain Marvel vols 2-3
Captain America: Red Menace
Iron Man: Extremis
Astonishing X-Men
Rat Queens vol 2
Velvet vol 2
Thor: Goddess of Thunder vols 1-2

The Unwritten vol 11
Planet Hulk
ODY-C vol 1
The Wicked + The Divine vol 2

Marvel’s Civil War
Black Panther (Marvel Knights) #1-12
Inhumans (1998) #1-12
Young Avengers (vol 1) #1-12
The Fade Out vol 1
The Death of Captain America
Phonogram: Rue Britannia
Phonogram: The Singles Club
Hawkeye vol 4
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl vols 1-2

Ultimate Spider-Man
Catwoman (New 52) vol 6
Saga vol 5

Angela: Asgard’s Assassin
Gotham by Midnight vol 1
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E
Bitch Planet vol 1
Exiles #1-38
Daredevil (vol 2) #26-119 & 500
Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps
Giant Days vol 1
Lady Killer vol 1
Wytches vol 1

Standalone books:

Friends with Boys – Faith Erin Hicks
The Squidder – Ben Templesmith
Porcelain – Benjamin Read & Chris Wildgoose
The Sculptor – Scott McCloud
Nimona – Noelle Stevenson

Super Mutant Magic Academy – Jillian Tamaki
Rites, Customs and Histories of the Great Empire of Migdal Bavel – Isabel Greenberg
Fairy Tales for Bad Bitches – Comic Book Slumber Party
Porcelain: Bone China – Benjamin Read & Chris Wildgoose


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